About Save Your Do™

From Save Your Do™ Founder, Nicole Ari Parker

Hi there,

Save Your Do™ GymWrap is a stylish headband developed with a patented revolutionary “Edge Control Technology” that minimizes sweat absorption through a unique blend of materials that allows heat to escape while letting cool air in. The moisture ‘wicking’ process occurs at the molecular level within the fabric resulting in drier flat hair!

The idea for the Save Your Do™ GymWrap came to me last year when I noticed a common excuse emerge among busy everyday women (myself included) about why they couldn’t work out: their hair. Hair is a serious issue for most of us women because after spending a ton of time and money to have it washed, blow dried, flat-ironed and curled, none of us want to sweat and mess it up all over again.

I could not have predicted what happened next…during that summer, the Surgeon General issued a statement saying ‘Women have got to stop using their hair as an excuse not to exercise.’ Wow, there it was plain as day. Our health issues had reached a state of emergency all because of one little detail, our hair. This nationwide call to action inspired me even more to perfect the GymWrap and finally bring it to you.

The Save Your Do™ GymWrap comes in a variety of colors and is available in three styles: Full triangle, wide band and narrow band. The Save Your Do™ GymWrap is ideal for all hair lengths, types and textures.


Save Your Do™ GymWrap Features:

Edge Control TechnologySave Your Do™ uses a patented proprietary “Edge Control Technology” that consists of three layers of materials that wick away moisture from your hair, allow heat to escape, and when properly applied keep hair pressed down during a workout.

*Wicks Away Moisture
*Keeps Your Hair in place
*Allows Heat to Escape

Durable and Washable – The proprietary blend of materials not only makes the Save Your Do™ GymWrap durable, but also makes caring for your GymWrap easy. To clean your GymWrap, machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle and tumble dry low.

Perfect Fit – Unlike many one-size-fits-all head bands, the GymWrap has been designed with open ties to personalize your fit for ultimate performance.

Fashionable – Different Styles and Colors – Save Your Do™ GymWrap will initially come in black and available in the narrow width, wide width, and full bandana coverage. Pre-order colors include celadon green, fuchsia, and slate.